Lightspeed Retail - Integration Setup

Last Updated: Aug 25, 2018 02:01PM PDT
Set your integration up for success with the right preparation—on Lightspeed and in Stitch.

Note: This integration is available only on certain plans. If you don't see this offered on your plan, please contact Support for more info.

Lightspeed Setup

Before integrating, take the following steps in Lightspeed:
  1. Create an employee with the first name stitchlabs:

    Lightspeed will log all changes pushed from Stitch to this employee.

  2. Ensure that your item details (SKU, description, images, etc.) are accurate and up to date. Stitch can perform a one-time import of each item, but updates to previously imported items won't update in Stitch. 

    Review our LightSpeed Inventory Management Article to see which item details Stitch imports.

Tip: While Stitch doesn't require SKUs, we highly recommend employing a consistent SKU-naming convention prior to integrating with Stitch.

Stitch Setup 

From Stitch, go to Integrations > Channels and click Add Channel. Follow the on-screen instructions to authorize the integration and confirm your channel settings.

Note: Before authorizing the application, you must have a Lightspeed employee with the first name stitchlabs. If you don't, authorization will fail.

To authorize the integration, you'll need your Lightspeed account ID, which you can find via the Help menu:

When prompted, click Authorize Application:

After you've authorized, click Continue to map each Lightspeed Retail shop to a corresponding warehouse in Stitch:

Map each shop to a warehouse, then click Continue and Finish. Stitch will begin importing data from your shop.