Product Update CSV

Last Updated: Apr 10, 2019 02:09PM PDT
Use the Product Update CSV to update product-level fields for existing inventory. This is especially useful for reporting by product tags and publishing products to other channels.

Tip: To add new products, use the Bulk Add Products CSV. To update variant-level metadata, use the Custom ID CSV.

Note: This article applies to both our Stitch X and Stitch Classic Versions.


Export CSV

Export the template via Inventory > Actions > Product Update CSV.

Edit CSV

Open the CSV in your spreadsheet software of choice. Keep each of the following columns intact:
Column Notes
Product ID This column is for reference only. Look, but don't touch!
Name Edit names to make them more readable for the back office, prepare products for publishing, or match updates made on your sales channel(s).
Description Enter as plain text or HTML (useful when publishing to Shopify or eBay).
Notes Add or edit as plain text only
Tags Separate tags by comma (no spaces). Note that tags are case-sensitive. To delete tags, see Manage Custom Fields.
Images Add hosted image URLs, separating by comma (no spaces). Must be JPEG or PNG. If hosting via Dropbox, remove ?dl=0 from each URL.
Category To assign categories, first set up your taxonomy. Then note the full taxonomical pathway (ex: Home > Bath > Linens > Hand Towels).

To unassign a category, write CLEAR! in this cell. 
Save your changes in the Windows Comma Separated (.csv) format. If you have format options, choose UTF-8.

Note: Importing a blank field will not overwrite existing values. Reorder or remove rows as needed; removing or reordering columns will cause the upload to fail.

Import CSV

To import your changes, return to Inventory > Actions > Product Update CSV.

Upload the file where prompted. When the import is complete, you'll receive a message in your notification center.

For smaller catalogs, changes should take about a minute. Changes to larger catalogs may take up to 30 minutes.