Last Updated: Jan 14, 2019 08:42AM PST
Use tags to streamline search, get more from reporting, and collaborate on shared records in Stitch.

Applying Tags

Add tags to any of the following records:
  • Products
  • Orders (Stitch can also import order tags from Shopify)
  • Purchase Orders
  • Contacts
To add or remove tags for an individual record, go to that record's Edit page and look for the Tags field:

Add or remove tags in bulk via the Bulk Actions menu:

Tip: To easily see which tags are already applied to your records, enable the Tags column via the gear icon on your ProductsOrders, Contacts, and/or Purchase Orders pages.

Collaborating with Tags

Use tags to collaborate on shared records. For example, use tags to communicate detailed order statuses on wholesale orders (Approved) and purchase orders (Awaiting AuthorizationAwaiting Confirmation, and Pending Delivery).


Drive insight into sales and purchases via the following built-in reports:
  • Sales by Product Tag
  • Sales by Contact Tag
  • POs by Tag
  • Sales by Order Tag

Deleting Tags

To edit and delete tags in bulk, go to Stitch Settings > Custom Fields > Tags:

Admins can edit and delete tags via the tag manager.