Amazon - Publish Listings

Last Updated: Oct 26, 2017 06:51PM PDT
With Stitch's Publishing Tool, you can publish individual products and variants for existing ASINs on Amazon.

General Walkthrough

For a detailed walkthrough of our publishing feature, please see our Inventory - Publishing Tool article. For a quick overview of publishing to Amazon, watch this video:

While the publishable fields vary by sales channel, the process is similar for each.

Publishable Fields

Stitch publishes the following fields to Amazon:
SKU Maps to Stitch SKU, where entered. Make sure the SKU is accurate and up to date before publishing. Once an ASIN and SKU are linked together on Amazon, the SKU cannot be edited or changed.
Price Maps to Stitch pricing tier, where selected and applicable.
Condition Select the condition for each variant. This field is required. Stitch will set the default condition to New. Before choosing a condition, review Amazon's Condition Guidelines.
ASIN To publish to Amazon, you must assign an Amazon Standard Identification Number (ASIN) to your product listing. Stitch can only publish listings to existing ASINs. Stitch will autofill ASIN if you already have one assigned to the variant as a custom field. 

You can match an ASIN to the product by using the search tool in the ASIN column.

ASIN Search

To search for an existing ASIN in Amazon's ASIN Lookup Tool, click the search icon in the ASIN field. You can search Amazon's ASIN catalog by title, ASIN, or any detail related to the product you're linking.


Amazon sets limitations on which categories each user can publish to. If you're not authorized to publish to a category, you'll receive an error message on the next sync attempt by Stitch.