QuickBooks Online - PO Bill Sync

Last Updated: Nov 17, 2016 10:52PM PST
Purchase orders entered into Stitch can sync to QuickBooks Online, raising bills for the vendor. This is an optional feature, and not required for sales to sync with QBO.

Mapping Accounts

Before purchase orders can be sent to QBO, the feature must be enabled and accounts mapped in your QBO Add-On settings. You can access your settings by going to Integrations → Add-Ons and clicking on the QuickBooks Online tile.
Purchases Account
When you create a purchase order in Stitch, Stitch will raise a bill in QBO for the stock value, debiting the Purchases account specified here.

Purchases (S&H) Account
This is the account to which Shipping & Handling paid on Stitch POs will be mapped on QBO bills. In most cases, this would be set to the same account you've mapped to for Purchases.

Purchases (Tax) Account
Sales tax paid on Stitch POs will be mapped to this account on QBO bills. Depending on whether sales tax paid is expected to be recovered from tax authorities, this would be set to either a receivable or an expense.

Raising Bills in QBO

Once enabled, each purchase order entered into Stitch will create a matching bill in QBO, accessible under Transactions → Expenses.

A bill raised to QBO occurs when a purchase order is created in Stitch, not when its received.

Bills raised by Stitch include line item details (product description, quantity, cost), purchase order details (PO #, sales tax, shipping cost, PO date), and vendor details (name, address, phone, Stitch ID).

Note: PO payment terms in Stitch don't map to bill payment terms in QBO.

Updating Purchase Orders

Changes to purchase orders in Stitch will update the bill in QuickBooks Online with the next automatic sync. Changes flow only from Stitch to QBO; changes made to a bill in QBO will not be reflected in Stitch, and will be overwritten to match the purchase order in Stitch.

Critical Info

If you set the cost of all items on a PO to $0 and don’t add any shipping/tax (so the total is $0) it won’t go over to QBO.

Deleting a PO in Stitch does not update the corresponding bill in QBO.