Amazon - Inventory Management

Last Updated: May 30, 2019 01:26PM PDT
This article explains how inventory information is communicated between Stitch and Amazon.

Detecting Products on Amazon

Stitch will detect all active merchant-fulfilled (FBM) listings, as well as inactive FBM listings that were active within the last month.

Products on Amazon will display in Stitch as channel listings, which must either be linked to existing inventory in Stitch or imported as new Stitch products (more on linking here).

Note: Stitch doesn't import or update listings suppressed by Amazon.

Importing Products from Amazon

When importing products from Amazon, Stitch will download the following product details:
  • Title
  • Price
  • SKU
  • ASIN
  • Attributes
  • Thumbnail Image
  • Stock Quantity
When Stitch auto-imports from Amazon, products added to Amazon will import into Stitch with each sync.

Note: After the initial product imports into Stitch, product changes made on Amazon (including stock) will not update the product in Stitch.

Changes made to stock on Stitch will push to Amazon if Master of Stock is enabled for the channel and listing, but changes to other product details will not sync back to Amazon.

Manage Stock from Stitch

In order for Stitch to control Amazon's stock quantities, you must enable Master of Stock in Stitch.

For information on pushing stock quantity from an Amazon warehouse to Stitch, see our FBA Stock Control article.

Manage Price from Stitch

If Stitch is Master of Price, Stitch maps to the Listing Price field in Amazon. If there's an active sale for the variant in Amazon and a change is made in Stitch, Stitch will override that number. If you set a sale price after Stitch pushes price over, the sale price will keep in Amazon until the time-frame is up.

Critical Info

When you list a new product on Amazon, it can take up to four hours for the listing to import into Stitch. This is a limitation on Amazon's side. If a customer places an order for this item during that time, this forces the listing into Stitch.