Shopify - Publishing Listings

Last Updated: Oct 26, 2017 09:06PM PDT
With Stitch's Publishing Tool, you can publish individual products and variants to Shopify.

General Walkthrough

For a detailed walkthrough of our publishing feature, please see Inventory - Publishing Tool.

While the publishable fields vary by sales channel, the process is similar for each.

Publishable Fields

Stitch publishes the following fields to Shopify:

Title (Stitch Product Name)

Maps to the name of the product.

Product Description

Maps to the detailed information describing the product.

Attribute / Option (Option Name / Value)

Maps to the variant's attributes and options.

Note: When publishing new variants to an existing Shopify product, the Stitch product attributes must match the Shopify product attributes.

Barcode (UPC)

Maps to the UPC field for the variant, where entered.

Weight (LBS)

Maps to the weight of the variant, where entered. At the moment, Stitch only supports weight in pounds.


Maps to the Stitch SKU, where entered.


Maps to Stitch pricing tier, where selected and applicable.


Stitch will pre-fill this field with any associated product tags.


A required field in Shopify for product type (Clothing, Accessories, etc). Stitch will autofill this value from a Custom ID label "Type" in Stitch.


A required field in Shopify to associate a vendor. Stitch will autofill this value with the Primary Supplier associated with the variant in Stitch. 


Publishes the listing to Shopify in a visible state, so shoppers are able to view it. Toggling this feature off will publish the listing in a hidden state, which will only be visible to you.

Taxable (Y/N)

Marks this item as taxable or not.

Requires Shipping

Marks the item as shippable or not.

Infinite Stock (Y/N)

Allows you to list infinite stock quantities on your channel. Note that this setting will override Stitch's Master of Stock setting for that listing.

Critical Info

If you use Shopify POS and choose to publish the listing as visible, the product will be visible on Shopify POS and Web.