QuickBooks Online - Overview (Stitch Classic)

Last Updated: Jan 10, 2019 03:17PM PST
Connect QuickBooks Online (QBO) to Stitch to send monthly inventory financials to your accounting system of record.

Note: This integration requires the QBO Essentials or Plus plan, and supports US accounts only.

Sync Details

Direction One-way, Stitch to QuickBooks
Frequency Invoices, payments, and PO bills sync every ten minutes
Inventory financials sync on the first of each month

Invoice Creation

Location Invoices appear under Transactions > Sales
Line Item Details Product Description, SKU, Quantity, Price
Invoice Details Stitch Invoice #, Discounts, Sales Tax, S&H, Total
Multi-Currency Support No multi-currency support in the US version of QBO
Contact Details Name, Email, Phone, Billing Address, Stitch ID

Invoice Updates

Line Item Changes Stitch can make line item changes to unpaid invoices only.
Payment Stitch can add full and partial payments to QuickBooks invoices when a payments account is specified.
Void Voiding an order in Stitch will not void the related QuickBooks invoice. The invoice must be voided in QuickBooks manually.

Purchase Orders

Location Bills appear under Transactions > Expenses
Line Item Details Product Description, Quantity, Cost
Purchase Order Details Stitch PO #, Tax, Shipping/Delivery

Monthly Inventory Financials

Location Search for entries via Reports > Journal
Inventory Assets Sum value of current inventory assets
Cost of Goods Sold Sum value of goods on closed orders
Purchases Sum value of goods received from purchase orders
Stock Adjustments Sum value of manual stock reconciliation

Historical Sync

Invoices/Payments Stitch can push historical invoices/payments.
Contact Support to request a historical push.
Inventory Financials Stitch can push historical journal entries to QBO for any month where average unit values existed in Stitch.
Contact Support to request a historical push.

Critical Info

  • VAT/GST would need to be manually added in QuickBooks.
  • Stitch doesn't integrate with QuickBooks inventory, as this would unnecessarily duplicate Stitch functions.
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