Amazon - Multichannel Fulfillment (Stitch Classic)

Last Updated: Jul 31, 2018 10:18PM PDT
With Stitch, you can use Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) to fulfill orders from other sales channels. This feature—called Multi-Channel Fulfillment (MCF) on Amazon—is limited to shipping within the country where goods are held (US→US, UK→UK, CA→CA).

Note: This article applies only to Stitch Classic.

FBA Stock Control (Required)

To send orders from Stitch to Amazon, you'll first need to enable Multi-warehousing and FBA Stock Control.

Sending an Order to FBA

To fulfill a multichannel order via FBA, go to the Order Detail page and confirm that the order is assigned to an Amazon warehouse:

Next, select a shipping speed:

Stitch will send the fulfillment order to Amazon on the next sync, checking fulfillment status on each subsequent sync. When Amazon returns a Complete status, Stitch will mark the order as packed and shipped.

Automated Multichannel Fulfillment

You can set Stitch to automatically attempt to send all orders from non-Amazon sales channels to Amazon FBA for fulfillment. At this time, this feature can't be applied to manual orders generated in Stitch.

To set up automated MCF, go to your Integrations > Channels > Channel Settings for the non-Amazon channel. From the channel's settings, set the Default Fulfillment Warehouse to the name of the Amazon channel you'd like to fulfill from, set Auto-Fulfill Orders to Fulfill my orders automatically, and choose a shipping speed.

Stitch will then attempt to send every new order from that channel to Amazon for fulfillment.

If there is insufficient stock for the order or if the order's shipping address is for a country that doesn't match the Amazon Marketplace, Stitch will attempt to assign that order to your first Overflow Warehouse. If you don't select an Overflow Warehouse, Stitch will tag the order as unfulfillable. Orders tagged as unfulfillable can be manually sent to FBA using the process above once stock is increased on Amazon, or can be set to another warehouse for merchant fulfillment.

MCF Order Requirements

To be fulfilled via MCF, an order must meet the following requirements:
  • FBA listings must be active on Amazon.
  • FBA must have sufficient stock for the entire order.
  • The customer's shipping address must match the country of the FBA warehouse.
  • Order must be paid.
  • Order must not have packing slips or shipments.
  • Order must be open.
  • Order must have shipping and billing contact (street address, city, state, country, ZIP).
  • Order must have been added to Stitch after the MCF feature was enabled.
  • Order must have a recipient name (Stitch Contact Person, Attn, and/or Company).
  • State must be two characters on the shipping address (e.g., CA, NY, NC).
  • When shipping to a PO box, set shipping speed to Standard. Amazon will reject Expedited and Priority, as per their shipping rules.
  • Items classified as Small and Light not supported due to Amazon restrictions.