- Overview

Last Updated: Jul 18, 2018 10:39PM PDT
With Stitch’s add-on, you can securely process credit and debit card payments (from phone orders, for example) without leaving Stitch. This PCI-compliant process allows you to collect payment without that data passing through Stitch servers.

Integration Setup

From, you'll need an API Login ID, Transaction Key, and Public Client Key. Create and access each of these keys via the Account tab:

Grab API Login ID and Transaction Key via API Credentials & Keys. Grab Public Client Key from Manage Public Client Key.

Once you have the three keys, log in to Stitch as an administrator, head to Integrations > Add-ons, and select
Add-ons -
Enter all three fields in Stitch to complete the integration setup!

Using within Stitch

To process a credit card payment in Stitch, click into any order's Invoices tab, then click Payment > Pay with
Pay with
You'll then be prompted to enter your customer's credit card information: Payment
After the payment is successfully processed, it will be added to the Payments tab for that order along with the fee and transaction information.

Critical Info

  • Stitch doesn't work with accounts that have AVS match verification enabled.
  • has a USD $0.10 per transaction fee. This fee is in USD regardless of account currency.
  • The Stitch account currency must match with the account currency.