Inventory Overview

Last Updated: Apr 12, 2019 01:24PM PDT
From the Inventory tab, you can manage current products, create new products, and update product information.

Note: This article applies to both our Stitch X and Stitch Classic Versions.

Video Walkthrough

Products Page

Products organize variants, which are what hold stock in Stitch. Every product in Stitch has at least one variant and every variant belongs to a parent product.

From this page, you can search by SKU, product ID, variant ID, and product tag. Click into any product to view its variants.

To add and remove columns, click on the gear icon in the top right. To add a new product, click + Product. You can also publish listings directly to supported sales channels by clicking Publish Listings.

Bulk Actions and Actions

Bulk Actions can be used for anything from downloading line sheets to archiving products. Select your products and click Bulk Actions
Line Sheet
Download the line sheet for any selected products.

Copy Product Price 
Move product prices between channels. For more context, check out Master of Price.

Archive Products
Archive selected products in bulk. See Should I archive or Delete? for more information.

Tag Products
Easily tag selected products in bulk.

Edit Permissions 
Select products to set custom permissions. Check out Admin Settings - User Permissions for more information.
The Actions menu can be used to download CSVs and publish listings. Click Actions to access it. 
Export Inventory CSV / Import Inventory CSV
Use this CSV to export your current inventory, apply edits in bulk, and upload it back into Stitch. For instructions, check out Inventory - Update Products in Bulk via CSV.

Bulk Add Products via CSV
Use this CSV to create and upload new inventory items in bulk. See Inventory - Add Products for more information.

Supplier Association via CSV
Use this CSV to create Variant/Supplier Associations in bulk.

Publish Listings 
Use this feature to publish inventory to Square or Shopify. Check out Publish Listings Tool Overview for instructions.

Variants Page

Variants are what hold stock in Stitch, and this page is home to all of them. From here, you can search by Stitch ID, SKU or name.
You can filter the variants page by the following values:
Low Stock
Includes all inventory that is low in stock.

Shows all the bundles in your inventory.

Drop Shippable
Shows all items that have been marked as drop shippable.

You can also edit certain values (stock, low-stock alert, average unit cost, and weight) right from the table via in-line editing

Critical Info

  • Only products can be tagged, but the variants page can be searched by product tags.
  • Only products can be archived, not variants. To archive variants, please use the following workaround.