Move Variants within Stitch

Last Updated: Nov 03, 2017 11:03PM PDT
Follow these steps to reorganize variants within Stitch:
  1. Check to see how your products imported
  2. Select and rename the parent product
  3. Add attributes and options to your product
  4. Move like variants

Check to see how your products imported

Depending on the channel you've integrated, sometimes each variant comes into Stitch as its own product. For organization and reporting purposes, it's best to group your variants under their parent product rather than have each variant as a standalone product.

Select and rename the parent product

Before you begin moving variants, you'll need to select the "parent" product.  All other like products will become variants under the parent product. In this case, I chose the first one on the Inventory page (Black Leather Zippered Clutch). Click on the product to open the product overview, then click Edit.

You'll want to change the product name so that it is more generic and does not include any specific options. So, instead of Black Leather Zippered Clutch, you'll want to re-name it Leather Zippered Clutch.

Add attributes and options to your product

Now we need to add attributes and options to the variants. From the product overview, click the pencil on the left of the variant to edit. 
Products can have as many attributes as needed - some common attributes are Color, Size, and Style. For our example of the Leather Zippered Clutch, the only attribute we need is "Color." For now we'll only add the "Black" option; we can add the other colors as we move the variants in the next step.

Move like variants

Now we have to move the variants from all of the other like products. Click on one of the like products to open its product overview. In this case, I will be moving the Red Leather Zippered Clutch to be a variant under the newly created Leather Zippered Clutch parent product. Click on the variant from the product overview page, then on the More menu. Select Move Variant.

In the Move Variant window,  search for the parent product by ID, Name, or SKU. Enter any options for that variant, and check the box if you want to copy the product images as well. Click "Move Product" to confirm.

All of the custom IDs, price information, stock, stock alerts, notes, custom description, links, images, etc will be automatically moved with the variant. Additionally, all of your orders containing this product, even if they are closed, will be updated retroactively and no sales information will be lost. You'll be able to immediately analyze your new product catalog after the move.

Important: If you move all variants out of a product, the product should delete itself. This process is not reversible.