Supplier/Variant Associations

Last Updated: Jul 21, 2017 04:37PM PDT
Use supplier/variant associations to set dynamic reorder points, automate PO data entry (part numbers, unit cost, default reorder quantity), and account for dropshipping.

Tip: You can assign multiple variants to each supplier and multiple suppliers to each variant.

Add Variants to a Supplier

Head to the Contacts page to select the desired Contact.

Click on the Product Catalog tab. Type in the name/ID of the Variant, then fill in a Supplier-specific details. If using Multi-warehousing, you can select separate Default Reorder Quantities for each warehouse.

Associate in Bulk via Supplier Variant Association CSV

The Supplier Association CSV can be used to create these relationships in bulk from the Actions menu on the Products or Variants tab.

By default Stitch will include all Variant ID's on this CSV. Stitch will look for unique pairs of ID's in the Variant ID and Contact ID columns to create associations or update information related to those associations. 

To create relationships between your Suppliers and Variants, look up the Contact ID number in Stitch for the Supplier you would like to associate with a Variant. Then, add the Stitch Contact ID number to the Contact ID filed for the variant.

You can set default re-order quantity by warehouse for your Variants on the CSV.

You can set Supplier relationships between multiple Suppliers and one Variant by copying and pasting the Variant ID in another row under the Variant ID column on the CSV. Add the Stitch Supplier Contact ID under the Contact ID Column. 

You can also mark variants as dropshippable, so that they can be drop shipped on orders to your suppliers. To do this, write yes in the column for Is Dropshippable and Is Primary Supplier

Note: information in the Variant name, SKU, and Contact Name columns is for reference only and will not be imported. Deleting, editing, reordering, or adding column headers will result in upload errors. 

When edits are complete, save the spreadsheet as a CSV file. If there are format options available, be sure to select UTF-8. To upload the file, head to the Inventory page and click Actions > Supplier Association CSV.

Search by Supplier Variant Association

Head to the Variants tab and select Variants to search by supplier name. The result will include all variants associated with that supplier. Please note that this must be done on the Variants page.